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Climbing Pictures of Railay Beach

Climbing Railay BeachI've been sitting on these Pictures for ages, waiting for King to put a story together to make them more interesting. King can be a bit lazy so I've stuck them up over a few pages in the hope that it will provoke him into writing something...... Come on King!

The following Pictures are of miscellaneous climbing spots around Railay Beach. King will one day tell you exactly where.

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If anyone else has any Pictures they would like to put up, email us at info (at sign) railay.com.

This sequence as shot somewhere up on Thaiwand wall, mixed in perhaps with a couple shots taken above 123

Climb Railay   climbing Railay

Climb Railay   Climbing Railay   

Great rock up there. I have no idea how King persuaded the guys to climb in the sun though!

Railay Climbing  Railay Climbing  Railay Climbing


King caught bouldering for the first and last time on Sunset Beach. Some one climbing on Escher world above the very beautiful Phra Nang Beach.

Railay Beach bouldering  Railay Climbing



This sequence looks like it came from Narcillian 6c+ on Low tide wall. This is an all time classic 5 star route. Looks like the guys got caught by the tide though...

Railay Climbing    Railay Climbing  

Railay Climbing


Guess the silhouette shots- Thaiwand wall, Tonsai and the Defile Exit

Railay ClimbingRailay Climbing  Railay Climbing  




Railay Climbing    Railay Climbing

Not sure about this sequence. I'm thinking it might be the five star classic Asian Shadow play over on Tonsai (8a+). Could be wrong though, King?

Railay Climbing     Railay Climbing     Railay Climbing


Nothing like sunset pics on Thaiwand. Then of course there is the long walk down through the jungle on the slippery path of death. How did we manage to forget torches again!

Railay Climbing

Stalactites madness up on Thaiwand wall

Railay Climbing  


Sunset Belays in Paradise

 Railay Climbing

Everyone gets a go....

Railay Climbing