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Climbing Links

I've tried to include a bunch of links likely to be interesting and usefull to climbers. If anyone has any sugestions for good climbing sites, then you can email us at info (then at sign) railay.com. Or you could post them on the forum and I will include them here.

rockclimbing.com - It deserves the domain name, and is probably the ultimate climbing forum site. A little hap hazzard, but has user generated info on everywhere in the world

8a.nu - Despite the narcistic title and obsession with ranking climbers, this is a great climbing site focusing on the very strong. You don't have to climb 8a to get something out of it, as there are loads of interesting articles here.

laos-climbing.com - Climbing is really starting to take off in Laos- Adam's site covers the Vang Vieng area with topos and info.

thailandclimbing.com - Very hard to navigate- but these are the guys wrote the Chiang Mai guide book.

Climbing in Cambodia - Looks like there is some stuff in Cambodia now- Interesting site, still probably early days, but there is now a guide book and some bolted routes...

gripped.com - This is a Canadian site based around a Canadian magazine. It has loads of good info on Canadian climbing, and has a very active forum.

ukclimbing - Name says it all, if you want to climb in England, check it out. I reckon this sets the standard for all climbing websites. Has just about every crag in Britain, with photos, and even tells you the weather!

thecrag.com - A project to build a global index of climbs as an online resource for rock climbers. Very good, but requires you to sign up.

wadirum.net - Ever thought of climbing in Jordan?

sydneyclimbing.com - Climbing in Sydney, not great climbs, but a good guide.

chockstone.org - Climbing in Victoria Australia (around Melborne)- a good guide.

onsight.com - Simon Carters website- This guy takes some of the most beautifull climbing pictuers, and King is always talking about "taking pictuers like Simon" He also does the excellent blue mountains guide book.

Wandbuch.de - A German based Climbing directory