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Railay Beach News, Weather and Specials Offers

You can look at tonights star chart for Railay Beach here. More weather info is here.


Railay Beach Tide Tables

Mon 22 Apr
05:46 11:55 18:07
0.7 m3.5 m0.8 m
Tue 23 Apr
00:09 06:14 12:19 18:37
3.2 m0.9 m3.3 m1.0 m
Wed 24 Apr
00:32 06:38 12:41 19:06
3.0 m1.2 m3.1 m1.3 m
Thu 25 Apr
00:53 07:02 13:02 19:37
2.7 m1.4 m2.8 m1.5 m
Fri 26 Apr
01:15 07:27 13:28 20:24
2.5 m1.7 m2.6 m1.7 m
Sat 27 Apr
01:49 08:16 14:16 22:17
2.3 m1.9 m2.4 m1.9 m
Sun 28 Apr
06:17 11:12 18:26
2.2 m2.0 m2.3 m

Special Deals

King Climbers
Half day Introduction - 1,000 baht per person
One Day Climbing - 1,800 baht per person
Three Day Course - 6,000 baht per person

All King Climbers courses include equipment, guide, covered by insurance, water, fruit and lunch with the 1 & 3 day course. We also offer free hotel pick up in Ao nang Beach & Krabi town. For more details please contact Robin info@railay.com

King Climbers is located at Ya Ya bungalows, rai lay east beach. Open 7 days 8am - 9pm

Registered with the Tourism Association of Thailand (T.A.T.) No.34/0329