Climbing Tonsai and Railay Beach Thailand

Climbing Tonsai Thailand

Pictures of Thaiwand wall

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Climbing pics from around Railay Beach

Thaiwand wall is the best multi pitch crag here. Great views and knee trembling exposure. Hard work to take pictures of though. Here are a few....

Railay Beach Climbing


Only 4/5 30-45m pitches to the top, depending which route you take. Great rock the whole way up.
Railay Beach ClimbingClimbing Railay Beach


Climbing railay beachClimbing railay beach

Can get steep but their are huge jugs for those heroic poses...
Climbing railay beach Climbing railay beach Climbing railay beach



When you get to the top, the view is as you would expect. Don't get caught in the sun though!
railay beach climbing railay beach climbing


Then there is the abseil down. Make sure you bring two ropes and tie a not in the end, and back clip. You can easily miss the anchor, and then you are in for a long dumar back up.
railay beach climbingrailay beach climbing