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Climbing Railay Beach Thailand
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Private Climbing Guides- From King Climbers

Rit- Climbing guide railay beach thailandIf you want to hire a private guide, then we can highly recommend one of our Senior guides. The Senior guides have been guiding for around 10 years, are friendly, fun easy going and safe. The guides have completed various first aid, rescue and instructor courses and know the climbing around Railay Beach like the back of their hands.

The good thing about hiring a personal guide, is that he can take you to climbs and areas which most suit your ability. This is especially useful for intermediate climbers who may not have a lot of time or a climbing partner, but want someone to lead up a few of the more interesting climbs/ multi pitch routes.

With the a little coaching in technique you may be surprised what you will be climbing....

The guides also teach absolute beginners, so if you prefer one on one teaching then this would be a good option.



rapelling instruction- Railay Beach ThailandHalf Day
1 Person - 3,500 baht
2 People - 6,000 baht
Includes free hotel transfer, equipment, fruit, water and insurance cover.

Full Day
1 Person - 5,000 baht
2 People - 9,000 baht
Includes free hotel transfer, equipment, fruit, water and insurance cover.

Three Days
1 Person - 13,000 baht
2 Person - 21,000 baht (makes sense to have 2 people...)
Includes free hotel transfer, equipment, fruit, water and insurance cover.

Hotel pick up from the Krabi/ Ao Nang area can be arranged for 200 Baht per person.


There are three rates. What you do largely depends on you. If you are a beginner then we would recommend doing a three day course. If you want to do a multi pitch climb, then you will need to book a full day. We would recommend doing no less then a full day.

Railey Beach climbing

The kind of things you can expect from a three days course include self rescue and rope technique, top rope climbing, rappelling, lead climbing and multi-pitch climbing. Put another way, if you are beginner then a three day course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to climb safely on your own.

Multi pitch guiding, railey beach thailand
A student at the top of 123- a mutipitch climb on the 3 day course


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If you have any questions comments, details of your climbing level and what you would like to do, then feel free to write them in the comment box

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Rock Climbing Railay Beach    Climbing Railay Beach Thailand
There are some really long top ropes around...

Climbing Railay Beach Thailand