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2010 climbing comp thailandrock and fire climbin comp 2010 thailand

In April, Railay and Tonsai held their second annual "Krabi rock and fire" climbing competition. This year was huge! There was a massive turn out and the event was fantastically well organised. With TV and press coverage the event is starting to become known through out Thailand.

The event was the brain child of ToTo who seemingly limitless energy turned an idea into a massive event sponsored by Krabi Provence to a tune of a million Baht. As well as impressive prize money and lucrative work for the local business, the million odd baht which Krabi put up also paid for the rebolting of several routes.

We've put together a photo montage of the event to give you a feel for it- There were three days of competition, Day 1 was Railay, Day 2 Tonsai, and Day 3 was Deep Water soloing-

Needless to say, much rock was climbed, chalk spread and sweat sweated- The result was fun had by all- Who one and who lost? Well you're gonna have to turn up yourself to find that out....

Next year will be even bigger!


Day one on Railay Beach

2010 climbing comp railay beach
123 looking even more popular then usual

2010 climbing competition railay beach
Purple Belayers and Green competitors- This years competition was extremely well organised

2010 climbing competition railay beach
The competition hot's up on Phra Nang Beach

 rock and ice climbing competition railay
Master Climbers Tex and Wee- Still unfeasibly strong preside.

Presentation climbing comp 2010 thailand
The competitors pose for a photo op on Phra Nang Beach    

climbing competition 2010 krabi
123 Smile!

rock and fire 2010 railay      day 1 railay climbing competition
Spinning some tunes over at 123- It was a great setup!


Day Two on Tonsai Beach

Day 1 may have felt hard, but it was just a warmup for Tonsai...

tonsai climbing competition 2010      rock and fire 2010 competition tonsai beach
The lead marathon continues and the tide waits for none..

tonsai climbing competition 2010    day 2 rock and fire 2010 competition thailand
The circus continues, and TJ, dreads still attached does what he does best  

Krabi climbing competition day 2
Best way to watch it has gotta be floating on your back...

day 2 tonsai climbing competition 2010 
Then again Freedom bar and a Margarita is a pretty good option too!


fire show competition 2010 krabi   
At the end of day 2, another great party and fire twirling competition


Day Three Deep Water soloing

Never been great at this myself- always too dammed scared! This was particularly well organised, complete with viewing barges and loads of support. Must be one of the best places you could hold a DWS competition, and the competitors did not disappoint, getting stomach churningly high....

deep water soloing competiton 2010 krabi 
That's gonna hurt when he lands...

dws climbing competition 2010
Some familiar faces helping out, Loung and Ron

Deep water soloing 2010 thailand 
Pulling hard..

day 3 rock and fire competition 2010
Fantastic viewing/ judging platform

deep water soloing comp 2010 day 3 krabi 
The Boys get ready...


   prize giving 2010 krabi rock and fire competition
At the end sunsets and another great party!

Railay Beach thailand
See you next year!